Friday, August 21, 2009

How to give

Some ways to help support Jeanne's ongoing treatment:


Go to Bowen Island's The Snug Cafe, The Happy Isle Cafe, or The Village Baker between September 10th and September 17th to make a bid on silent auction items.


Buy advanced tickets to the We Dream for Jeanne Event (Concert and Silent Auction closing) at Bowen Island's Phoenix Photo, available as of September 7th. Refer to the Event posting for details on Event.

Donate an item for the silent auction

Donate an item to be bid on at the Bowen Island silent auction: email Michelle at

Donate an item or bid on an item - at Ebay

Jan Schroeder is running an auction on behalf of Jeanne Robinson. To see what is available, click here.

To donate an item, email DreamForJeanne (@)

Donate by check

Checks made to 'Jeanne Robinson' can be sent to

First Credit Union,
Box 190
101-475 Trunk Road,
Bowen Island, BC
V0N 1G0

Donate by PayPal

Jeanne's Paypal account is here. Send via paypal to



  1. I'll be holding some Ebay auctions in support of this. The first one is up at and there will be more in the coming weeks.

    Jan Schroeder

  2. It appears that Paypal link is broken; could someone fix it? :-)

    (Note also that not allowing unauthenticated comments on this particular blog might be counter productive... not everyone has an account with one of your openID providers.)

  3. Thanks for alerting me to the fact that the link is broken to the paypal donate button. It's now fixed, thanks to my kind, talented Stardance film collaborator, James Sposto.

  4. I didn't pull the browser slider bar down far enough to see the Paypal link at first, so I just did it directly thru Paypal to the shown email address . . . and thus we ended up sending you US rather than CAN. Hopefully that won't be too much bother. . .

    Love. . . Geo (and Deb) Rule

  5. I want to send my check with a little word on a nice card. Will the Credit Union branch give it back to you?

  6. Possibly silly question: Will the credit union accept a check from a US bank with US funds? Don't want to cause more trouble (I still remember Spider's complaints about IRC's after that riddle contest in one of his stories!).

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